A small word, but with a major impact! You just google it and you will find hell lot of articles on it. What is depression? How to overcome it and much more. Then what’s the point of adding one more to it? I want to help those people who just can’t find a way to come out of it.

I am not here to explain what is depression and what to do to come out of it. I am here to show you some real phases of it as I myself have been through it.


Yesh, sad but it’s true! You just keep on thinking too much about the thing that you just lose all the controls. You feel stressed, lonely and too negative. You can’t focus on any single thing and you fail in doing little things. Eventually, that leads to more and more depressive situation.

So, what to do in such a situation? Honestly, if you read all these articles, it will make you feel better but it will never solve your issue. You have to help yourself, that’s true but when the person is just unable to focus on anything then how he will help himself?

People say, stop thinking about it too much, try to engage yourself in other activities and all. In practical scenarios, all this is just a bullshit. Nothing works trust me! All you can do is just to wait for the depression to go, is it?

No.  Big NO. Yes, you can still help yourself. Even though you are stuck in such a horrible mess of negativity. You still can get some control over life. Slowly but it’s possible. What first you need to do is, stay away from every little thing which relates to the cause of your depression or stress.

Try to find out an activity which helps you just forget about all your worries. Do some physical activity like playing some sport or if you like playing it on mobile then just go for it. This will help you relax your mind for some time. And then when you will start, you will be able to focus a little on your task.

This process will help you focus on your actual tasks and slowly-slowly you will recover from “Depression”. Now, you will be able to sleep properly, you will be able to do your tasks properly hence, it won’t worry you much. You will feel positive, you will feel lively.

Stay positive, stay happy! 🙂

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