Do wrong decisions really exist?

I have seen many people saying, this is the result of my wrong decision. So many of us suffer from negativity and depression. And we directly blame our past decisions for it. Every time, while deciding anything, we seek for some expert advice so that we don’t make WRONG decision. Why this expert advice? Why the fear of making a wrong decision?

Have we ever thought that why the people whom we call experts, never fail in their decisions? They are always happy, satisfied with their lives. But we, always stay stressed.

I tell you, this is not because we decided something wrong in life. However, this is because we didn’t make it right what we determined in the past. 

Every little thing requires hard work.

It is not the decision which is right or wrong, but the efforts you take to make it right or wrong.

Only we know ourselves better than anyone else. Taking advice helps you to look at the consequences of the decision you’re going to make. But it’s only you who can make it right or wrong. After deciding anything, if you don’t do the work it requires then it will automatically lead to failure. But if you work hard, then the success is in your pocket always!


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