How to start a website? A complete guide for non-technicals

What is a website?

Once, there was a boy, Joy. He lived in a small town with his family. Joy was the only child of his parents. In his early age, his parents left him with a small space and a cow. Joy had no choice, he left his studies and started selling cheese to fulfill his basic needs. Soon, he became a famous cheese seller in his town.

Now, our small boy Joy is a successful shopkeeper. Once, a big businessman was in town for an event. He heard about Joy’s shop. He decided to visit and purchase some cheese.

Joy: Welcome to my shop, sir. How may I help you?

Man: I want to purchase the best cheese of your shop. May I taste some?

Joy: Sure sir.

(Joy gets the best piece of the cheese from his shop and gives it to the businessman)

Man: Wow! I have never tasted such delicious cheese. Please pack one for me.

Joy: Thank you, sir.

(He packs the cheese and give it to the man)

Man: Why don’t you start your business online? You can make some more money.

Joy: Sir, I don’t know how to do business online.

(Man explains Joy about creating a website. Joy is standing with a blank look)

Joy: Sir, if you don’t mind, may I make you an offer?

Man: Sure. Tell me what’s the offer?

Joy: You can get as many cheeses as you want from my shop and in return please teach me how to start a business online.

(Man was really impressed by Joy’s confidence)

Man: Impressive! Deal. I’ll teach you how to start a business online.

Hotel Trump,

Room number 501,

Tomorrow, sharp at 10:00 AM.

Joy: Sure, I’ll reach by 10. Thank you so much, sir.

(Joy is happy and excited about his meeting)

Next morning, Joy wakes up early. Gets ready in his new clothes to look decent. He leaves at 9:30 so that he can reach the hotel on time.

The first step, Joy took towards success!

(Joy reaches to the hotel room)

Man: Welcome young man!

Joy: Thank you, sir.

Man: Please have a seat.

(offers him a seat on his comfortable sofa)

Joy: Thank you, sir.

Man: So tell me where should we start from?

Joy: Sir, I really know nothing about all this. First, I would like to know what website is?

Man:  Okay, so tell me one thing, where do you stay and where do you keep your cheese?

Joy: Sir, I am a small shopkeeper. I stay on the backside of my shop. It is my home and my home is everything for me.

Man: So, your home is your website.

(Joy gives a surprised look and asks the man)

Joy: How?

Man: Let me explain. Just like, you have space where you stay, you store your cheese and sell. Similarly, a website is a home or space that you get online. It can have everything you can think of!

(takes a sip of coffee and says)

Always remember a young man,

If you can’t find anything, you find it online!

A website is your personal space over the internet where you can do numerous things like selling, write about something, learning, and many more things. It’s a home for everything.

Joy: (with excitement) Sir, why a website is necessary? What are its benefits?

Man: (laughs slightly) Hold on my boy! I’ll tell you the benefits of having a website after we finish all the steps of creating it.

(the man turns his laptop towards Joy and starts teaching him how to use Google)

Man: Look here Joy.

(Joy looks at the laptop with curiousness)

Joy: Sir, what is this?

Man: It’s Google. A website that searches everything for you.

(shows him how Google works and says)

There are some steps you need to follow to start a website and create an online business. I’ll teach you one by one. I’m here in town for next some days. you practice using Google and search on how you can create a website. We’ll meet tomorrow. Same time same place! 🙂

Joy: Sure sir. Thank you very much for taking time for me.

(filled with excitement, Joy then rushed to a cyber cafe to learn more about Google)

to be continued..

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