Journey from optimism to failure! – Part: One

Part one: From Home to Hyderabad!

It all started in mid of 2010. So many of my schoolmates who had now completed their graduation were moving to Hyderabad – The city of pearls. Everyone is so enthusiastic and excited to start the coaching at Ace Academy for an entrance test called GATE. One of my friends convinced me, and then the mission began to convince my parents to allow me to go miles away for a whole year.

It took me some days to convince them as my parents are too supportive. I spent some 11 days of my vacation at home and then the journey started. It was 15th July 2010, 1.30 PM. The train arrived, and we got in, for the first time in a reserved compartment. It was like a small family trip too! Too much of luggage, snacks and my brother’s new smartphone. I must say, the first ever touchscreen phone in our house.

We were enjoying the sceneries as it was the first time we were traveling so far. That time, there was nothing like power banks so, we were using our phones so carefully. The train route was via Mumbai – Pune. And you know how beautiful it is. The track, surrounded by lush green hills, some tunnels, and so many waterfalls.

We were so enjoying every little thing. And actually, we were so amazed seeing the bliss of nature! We were clicking the pictures, listening music and chatting throughout the journey. We were so excited as we already heard a lot about Hyderabad. It was around 11.30 PM, and suddenly the cops came in holding their big guns. They were asking all the passengers to close the windows properly, and they closed the doors too. We got terrified that what’s happening around! One fellow, who was sitting next to our seat told us that there are some so poor villages nearby, and the people rob the train and throw stones at it! We were shocked and as well terrified!

After some 5-10 minutes, we heard the sound of throwing stones at our train. Thankfully the cops handled it. And we could sleep peacefully. Finally, it’s 12.30 PM, and we’re there at the destination! OMG! So happy and excited! My friend came to pick us up as we didn’t know anything, he was the guide throughout. 😛 He showed us the guesthouse where we were to stay for the rest of the days.

I got the admission in the coaching the same day and by the evening we found a PG for me too. Oh! It was a very tiring day! My family was there for some 3-4 days, so we made a plan to visit the nearby places. And the small family trip began! We visited the famous Birla Temple, Hussain Sagar, Char Minar, Golconda Fort and some Museums.

The time for a Goodbye! My family went, leaving me alone there in a whole new city. I cried but then I was okay. At first, it was so awkward as everything was so new. I had seven roomies, and I had no clue how they would be! Slowly slowly the days were passing, and I made so many amazing friends there.

We used to wake up at 4 and go classes by walk. Then the classes would start from morning 6 to 8 in the evening. This was the first time; I was enjoying studying the same IT course I studied in my BTech. I had some crazy fun with my roomies. That timepass clicks, long-long chit chats, evening Bourn vita at the terrace and the crazy dance! Yeah, you heard it right, the crazy dance!!!

Okay, I’ll tell you the story behind it. We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in India in which we worship God Ganesh and at the end of the celebration we immerse the idol in lake or river. So, that day the Society also invited us to the dinner and post-dinner, we had the immersion program ( विसर्जन we call it in Hindi).  

The band was playing drums, and we were going crazy. We were back home, but the sound was so appealing that we were enjoying the beats hanging on the windows. Me and one of my roomie started dancing in the room itself. It was around 11.30 PM, and we all decided to go down to dance. We went down and saw that nobody is dancing. OMG! But we kept the hesitation aside for a while and started dancing like crazy! Then the people also joined us. We danced till 4 AM, which was time to wake up. We came back and hardly slept for half an hour.

During this time of 7 months, we roamed so many places. I learned to be independent. I learned to travel alone. I learned to take local transport. I learned to walk. I learned to stay happy and active. I learned to enjoy studies. I found out how to adjust. I learned to live actually!

Apart from these fun times, we were so hard preparing for the entrance test. We were giving practice tests, prepared charts, and timetables. We were so focused on it. In January end,  I came back to my hometown. I became so lazy after returning to home because I was under a wrong impression that I’m already done with the preparation.

It was 13th Feb 2011; I appeared in the entrance test for the first time. I felt it went well. But when the results were announced, I realized how badly I FAILED!! 🙁



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