The traffic: Jams and reckless driving!

Scenes of Pune!

The title seems so usual and boring, isn’t it? I know, you must be thinking that I would have written something which is so common and from our daily life. It’s true! I’m also going to write the usual stuff. But in a different way!! 🙂

We Indians do have a habit of struggling with traffic jams. Actually, it’s been a part of our daily life now. Every big city has this problem. There are many vehicles rather I would say vehicles more than the size of roads sometimes.  And there is a traffic jam! It’s same with Pune also.

Pune is also so crowded by vehicles. But the reason for traffic jam is far different than the other cities. I know I know, if there are vehicles then there is traffic. But you know what is different here? Here we have wide roads and comparatively fewer vehicles but still, we get stuck in traffic. Why?

You know what happens here, everybody knows how to give accelerator, or how to change gears and how to push breaks all of a sudden. But nobody knows how to DRIVE!! We don’t get into traffic because of the huge number of vehicles but we get into traffic because of the people who don’t know how to drive.

I will narrate some incidents here:

One day, I was driving back to home and as usual, I saw a huge queue, stuck in a traffic jam. But there were some intelligent people who were driving on the wrong side so that they can properly fill the gaps and do a proper huge traffic jam!

Some people have a creative way of driving. Just like snakes, they drive so zig zag! They themselves don’t go and they won’t allow anyone to go ahead! And all this is just for fun! They’re so egoistic that they will never allow a girl to overtake them.

One day I was driving to the office. I overtook a guy who was riding a bike. then he rushed to me, overtook me, looked back and then was driving at slow speed. Maybe he just wanted to satisfy his ego that I am not ahead of him. This continued for some 3 times and then I let him go ahead and believe me he seemed so happy! As if he won a gold medal! 😀

Oh! How can I forget these bus drivers! They are the people who run the public transport buses. They have a responsibility of 60 lives, seated in the bus. But they just don’t care! They drive like crazies as if there is nobody else driving!

This weekend we went for shopping. We were walking down a street and saw a guy collided with a car parked nearby. What happened was, a guy was on his bike and suddenly a public transport bus rushed to him so speedily that he lost the control of his bike and collided with a car!

I don’t really understand why they’re in so much hurry! What they’ll achieve if they will reach early by just 5 minutes by driving so rash!

You know what, this is not a problem with someone I’m trying to point out. This is a problem with me, you and everyone! I’m not saying people who are in a hurry are wrong but they are missing something.


Thinking what they’re missing???


I’ll show you! 🙂

This is the recent click I got while driving back to home! I just stopped my vehicle and enjoyed this view for some 10-15 minutes. And many people passing by missed it!

There was continuous rain for some two weeks. And this was the day we witnessed some peace in weather!

I got stuck in a traffic jam and what I noticed, missed by almost everyone!! 🙂

And last but not the lease! I clicked this while I was waiting for my brother to come and receive me! Yes, I clicked this on a national highway! 🙂

The problem is not the traffic we get. However, the actual problem is we are in a rush to reach office on time, to reach home on time.. We are in a hurry to earn money and success.. We are running after this materialistic happiness so blindly that we are missing to live! Missing to enjoy what we actually have! Missing to live the beauty by which we are surrounded!

Liked it?? Give it a thought once!! 🙂


  1. Amrit Israni

    Hey, nice one :), Inspired me to write something, I actually wanna have videos for people on how to have patience and how it could everyone’s time by just being patient for a split second. Everyone is in a hurry all the time :|. It’s sad, I used to love driving, now it’s just like better ola or uber it 😀

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